Strewn Red & Sinew

by Charlotte Light and Dark

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  • Strewn Red & Sinew Limited Tape
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    This e.p was originally released as a CD-r run of 40 discs with 4 artwork variants a few years back and has been out of print ever since. This release from Adorno records looks amazing with A Scanner Darkly inspired artwork and hand sprayed tapes. They've done an amazing job!

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released December 17, 2012

Darran Nolan – vocals
Humza Vohra – guitars, vocals
Brian E J Davis – bass
Harold Désert-legendre – drums

Drums recorded at Esthete Studio by Alexis Damien
Bass and vocals recorded by Brian E J Davis
Guitars recorded by El Sidius

Produced by El Sidius



all rights reserved


Charlotte Light and Dark UK


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Track Name: Channard
(ordered gash. configured lament)
take away my body,
seeking pleasure in question
"jesus wept" he said, but there were no tears for me.
there is no north on this moral compass, no hidden world for us to see. just what slips through the cracks of perfection.

(ordered gash. configured lament)
gift of the giver who took it all
flowing physical poetry up river
prose hanging from the walls
existence never looked so pretty soaked in blood and accepting denial is the only thread of humanity we'll ever have.

(hellbound hearts, timeless lovers)
bestow geometry upon my wasted flesh
and give it all new meaning,
read the words of the skin any way it pleases
and tell a story that lasts eternally
punctuating images with meat torn from bones,
frayed nerves and a cold cold heart

(hellbound hearts, timeless lovers)
lacerations leave their precious marks
like famous lovers through the ages
their scars travel from their finger tips to kiss
the air and every surface nailed to flesh and wood
and is tender in it's disregard for closure, distant. loveless.

without past
no context for torment,
for conquered skin,
or warmth on their breath

what is your pleasure sir, what?
the box the box the box
take it, it's yours
it always was.

strewn red and sinew,
slid from the walls down to your thigh
no conscience was clear
a price clouded, but fear
fear as fear as fear as
absolute adrenaline
Track Name: Homesludge
you wore the clothes of a murderer
i was dressed just the same
promise took flight on crow-quills
used to pen farewells
written to me
comets knotted their trails
'round each of our fingers
snaring our bravery
ruins sit where once eyes were,
their foundations cracking
sinking in to my face

light receded as lines blur and motions stirs
silent rot for my sentience
a letter i wrote to disease, mirrors me

ruins, ruins
Track Name: Manic Meow
why try
when so hard it seems,
to gleam hope from the futile
or childish release

intent that our bearing be fixed but uncharted
while denying our right to exist, like the holes for our starting.

compose the lines, that draw the lies, all the way back to that first disguise
here naked, at least we have nothing to hide..

why try
when so soon it leaves
bliss glints in questions arching,
broken, cradled limbs.

candescence was our creed, illumination was a spectacle
to decay to dulled diamonds and still

a hole in the sky spoke to me
and gently asked me for my eyes
he turned his blue heart away from me
and jealously stole the tide from the sea

so concrete, convinced in
my shadow over this world, a reverence for the misheard

i hear them all
i hear them all
Track Name: Sadgasm
no cat, no cradle, no light at the end of the tunnel,
a cosmic joke with no punchline, but still i find time to smile.

stars make a living, cold calling lovers¦
no solus in a false apparition, false idol of myself¦
i'm scared too

shades of grey, tethered
waiting for shadows, waiting for shrouds
this body is my tomb
waiting for shadows, waiting for shrouds
i am glistening gold
waiting for shadows, waiting for shrouds

no longer do i wish for a grin to
cross my face and throat
this is where we let go
this is for

those who feel love
those who feel hate
all that will flourish
all that decays

find art in the collapse
the avalanche of farewells

goodbye! goodbye!
goodbye! goodbye!
goodbye! goodbye!
Track Name: The Darkest Timeline
so i thought i could walk through walls
as it turns out it was walls moving through me.
passive as always, passive as always

if the world stopped turning,
would i just fall through the floor?
would i just fall?
maybe i would.

as projections fade,
and the walls begin to crumble
i miss this old house
i miss the smashed windows